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Providing Biotechnology education and training services to teach practical laboratory skills.

Loading samples into PCR Real-Time Instrument
Loading samples into PCR Real-Time Instrument

Biotechnology Training was formulated with the sole purpose of meeting the skill demands of graduates and postgraduates entering the biotechnological industry. With many years of experience and knowledge, our team has developed a vast array of courses designed to bridge the gap between university and TAFE biotechnological and scientific laboratory skilled based courses.

So why our biotechnology courses?

No matter what biotechnological degree or laboratory training, there are modern industry compliant skills and the latest in technology laboratory equipment that simply may not be available or accessible by graduates. Our courses will provide trainees with these skills and necessary in readiness to industry compliance and future employment opportunities.

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Researcher or scientific introducing a 96 wells plate in quantitative PCR machine/ Thermocycler for DNA or RNA quantification in a biotechnology laboratory

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PCR multipipette
Biotechnology Training - Gene therapy concept. Medical technology.
Biotechnology Training – Gene therapy concept. Medical technology.
SARS-COV-2 pcr diagnostics kit. Epidemiologist in protective suit, mask and glasses mixes reaction to detect virus in patients samples. PCR detects 2019-nCoV virus causing Covid-19 pneumonia.