What is involved in Biotechnology?

Welcome to the World of Biotechnology.

Biotechnology, a rapidly developing field in science and testing, embraces a broad spectrum of biological and chemistry related processes encompassing various products including those in industry, agriculture, health and medicine and investigating the human role in existing and emerging technologies.

What is needed?

Various universities around Australia and around the world offer a variety of biotechnological degrees. There is a gap that can incorporate knowledge and skills acquired from these degrees. Depending on your focus, associated testing namely the revolutionary PCR testing are important skills and techniques to acquire in your expanding scientific portfolio. And there has been an overwhelming demand in these skills from prospective graduates who feel in a catch-22 scenario whereby they are required to have these lab testing and competencies in operating laboratory apparatus but this is where the gap needs to be filled.

Biotechnology training is providing advanced training and competency based skills learning to fulfill industry requirements essential in preparing graduates for the standards based industry worldwide.

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