PCR Training – Polymerase Chain Reaction Courses

Real Time PCR Training – Polymerase Chain Reaction Training Courses

PCR Training - PCR Real -Time Instrument
PCR Training – PCR Real -Time Instrument

One of the missions in Biotechnology Training Australia is provide professional training in the understanding, knowledge and operational techniques of  a Real Time PCR machine. Our training facility has the most up to date technology that is calibrated according regulatory ISO standards.

Our staff with countless years of experience in the biotechnology industry and business sector are best equipped with the knowledge of PCR. Our modules are appropriately streamlined to provide sufficient opportunities for prospective trainees to confidently acquire the necessary skills in operating Real Time PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) equipment.

Furthermore, we provide ample opportunities in the correct PCR experimental procedures and possible outcomes arising from incorrect experimental operational techniques.

If you have any queries about any of our courses or wish to apply for a course feel free to contact us.